Friday, 20 January 2012

Eat2Review: McDonald Jusco Tmn U, Skudai

Hi..this time i went to McD at Jusco Tmn U. Just having snack after tiredly spent my RM200 vouchers finding books at MPH. I ordered Twister, Happy Meal, Hot milo and Mineral water. For my Happy Meal, I chose chicken burger with Iced Milo and Apricot as dessert. 

You know what this toy do? It have sound that come out when you touch their hair. Notice the head?the hair is actually a button. Got about 2-3 different dialog when you push it. It's cute and cute. haha.. Don't know what else it is. The twister was nicely cooked, so do the chicken burger. I thought twister is made up from onion. Silly me..but it still taste great though. I sat at the outside of the restaurant. From outside, you can listen to clearly. the songs are well-chose and not outdated. Overall, it was a pleasant tea time.


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