Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sleep2Review: Rose Cottage Skudai

hi..this time I want to share with all of you guys about my time in rose cottage hotel, Tmn Universiti Skudai. Before I stay here, I did search it first in the internet. The decoration are really fascinating and English style. Believe it or not, it is a budget hotel. And by budget, I mean below RM100 for double bed. Sorry for not reviewing all their rooms as I only have RM100 in my pocket at that time. It's great if you are travelling or something. The best thing about this hotel is, you can double budget. why i said that? Because, they serve FREE BREAKFAST for all their customers. The breakfast is in the lobby and have 3 different type. When I stayed there, they serve half-boiled eggs, toss bread and porridge. It was nice because you feels connected with other customers because of the spaces and the homy feels.

This is the room that I stayed. It simple, yet have everything you want from a nice comfort sleep.(The jug actually on the table, I put there by myself)hehe.. The room kind of not spacious enough but it's eligible. Enough for you to not bumming your tummy with others. 

Simple, isn't it? But they still stay with the rose cottage theme which is good because you don't want to feel attracted when in lobby and suddenly feels like you in different world when you in the room. It feels cheated, at least for me. So, for me, this is good enough. Now, let's look the facilities in this room, shall we?

This is the phone with one bedside lamp. Because of the room is not so big, one lamp is enough to lighten the whole room.

This is the wardrobe. Good enough for me. It's not like I bring the big suitcase with me. Honestly, I never use the wardrobe everytime i stay at a hotel because i never stay more than 3 nights. haha. there's one more thing interesting in this room;

ASTRO!! but we can't control it anyway..And they basically just have Arena which is really not interested for people who do not like sports like me. Yeah, I forgot to mention before. they don't give us remote control for both the air conditioner and the TV. I understand why but still, it is difficult when you can't control your aircond. I have to turn it off whenever it so cold and on it back over and over again. Next, the bathroom;

This is important you know. Most of people really cares about how the bathroom looks like. It's clean. Maybe a little bit rusty at the pipe but overall clean and tidy.

The small bottle of shampoo with rose cottage symbol and couple of soaps given. Enough if you just stay one or two night.

The heater might looks old classic but the temperature is perfect. Other privilege is you got free wifi which is you usually don't get when you only pay RM68 for double room and RM58 for single room (on weekdays). While on weekend, the price is more than RM10 than promotion price that i mention before. Eventhough the interenet connection not that speedy but ok. No download but Yes to facebook. When you want a room, they will ask RM100 that include the room's price. They will give back the balance when you check out. Like usual, check in is at 2 pm and check out before 12. Anyway, nice hotel!love it!

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