Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Kickstart New Beginning

This is how my blog feels like. The web is too thick that I feel I have to use a spell or something to clean. LOL

Last post was 2012? 3 years ago?! I guess I'm too busy with life or too lazy to make new entry.

Well, here I am now. Still alive and bigger (in size) than 3 years ago. I hope my writing is matured than before and the post have more useful info for my readers. (Not just ranting and kicking and screaming and cursing.lol)


Every person is a door to a new world. This is my world. I don't mind share the bad and good with everyone as long as you learn from it.

Phew, done cleaning 3 years worth of spider's webs. Whoever you are, thank you for coming in. Hope you will open a new world to me too.

Cheers to life!

Monday, 10 December 2012

d' memoirz of Yasmin J. Hunwick

Assalamualaikum and hi to all my readers
This entry is a tribute for our late Yasmin J. Hunwick who left us on 3rd June 2012
Although I never knew her when she was alive
Knowing about her from a blog I happen to read,
I feel sad and kind of regret for not knowing her earlier
Then, I look into some of the blogs that have something about her
I don't know her yet feel close to her
Hope she's happy there..
Al Fatihah..
For those who want to know about her, this is something about her that I took from her blog that still active with entries from her closest family; mom, dad and siblings..

Name : Yasmin Johan Eusoffe
Nickname : Yasmin J Hunwick
DOB : 22.2.1995
Hometown : Georgetown, Penang
Address : Langkawi, Kedah
Status : Yang pasti aku tak kahwin lagi.
Her personalities : cheerful , Love to make friends , open-minded , Chess player, pianist, arimathical ,cheerleader.
Height : 164 cm
Weight : 43.2kg
Physical appearance : skinny , mix malay-english



Thursday, 15 November 2012


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