Friday, 20 January 2012

Eat2Review: McDonald Jusco Tmn U, Skudai

Hi..this time i went to McD at Jusco Tmn U. Just having snack after tiredly spent my RM200 vouchers finding books at MPH. I ordered Twister, Happy Meal, Hot milo and Mineral water. For my Happy Meal, I chose chicken burger with Iced Milo and Apricot as dessert. 

You know what this toy do? It have sound that come out when you touch their hair. Notice the head?the hair is actually a button. Got about 2-3 different dialog when you push it. It's cute and cute. haha.. Don't know what else it is. The twister was nicely cooked, so do the chicken burger. I thought twister is made up from onion. Silly me..but it still taste great though. I sat at the outside of the restaurant. From outside, you can listen to clearly. the songs are well-chose and not outdated. Overall, it was a pleasant tea time.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sleep2Review: Rose Cottage Skudai

hi..this time I want to share with all of you guys about my time in rose cottage hotel, Tmn Universiti Skudai. Before I stay here, I did search it first in the internet. The decoration are really fascinating and English style. Believe it or not, it is a budget hotel. And by budget, I mean below RM100 for double bed. Sorry for not reviewing all their rooms as I only have RM100 in my pocket at that time. It's great if you are travelling or something. The best thing about this hotel is, you can double budget. why i said that? Because, they serve FREE BREAKFAST for all their customers. The breakfast is in the lobby and have 3 different type. When I stayed there, they serve half-boiled eggs, toss bread and porridge. It was nice because you feels connected with other customers because of the spaces and the homy feels.

This is the room that I stayed. It simple, yet have everything you want from a nice comfort sleep.(The jug actually on the table, I put there by myself)hehe.. The room kind of not spacious enough but it's eligible. Enough for you to not bumming your tummy with others. 

Simple, isn't it? But they still stay with the rose cottage theme which is good because you don't want to feel attracted when in lobby and suddenly feels like you in different world when you in the room. It feels cheated, at least for me. So, for me, this is good enough. Now, let's look the facilities in this room, shall we?

This is the phone with one bedside lamp. Because of the room is not so big, one lamp is enough to lighten the whole room.

This is the wardrobe. Good enough for me. It's not like I bring the big suitcase with me. Honestly, I never use the wardrobe everytime i stay at a hotel because i never stay more than 3 nights. haha. there's one more thing interesting in this room;

ASTRO!! but we can't control it anyway..And they basically just have Arena which is really not interested for people who do not like sports like me. Yeah, I forgot to mention before. they don't give us remote control for both the air conditioner and the TV. I understand why but still, it is difficult when you can't control your aircond. I have to turn it off whenever it so cold and on it back over and over again. Next, the bathroom;

This is important you know. Most of people really cares about how the bathroom looks like. It's clean. Maybe a little bit rusty at the pipe but overall clean and tidy.

The small bottle of shampoo with rose cottage symbol and couple of soaps given. Enough if you just stay one or two night.

The heater might looks old classic but the temperature is perfect. Other privilege is you got free wifi which is you usually don't get when you only pay RM68 for double room and RM58 for single room (on weekdays). While on weekend, the price is more than RM10 than promotion price that i mention before. Eventhough the interenet connection not that speedy but ok. No download but Yes to facebook. When you want a room, they will ask RM100 that include the room's price. They will give back the balance when you check out. Like usual, check in is at 2 pm and check out before 12. Anyway, nice hotel!love it!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Eat2Review: PizzaHut Jusco Tmn U, Skudai

Up next! Remember i told you that all the restaurants are just steps away?yeah, i went to Pizza Hut after that with my 2 other friends. Of course, it's on them while my wallet were kept safely without any withdrawal.hoho.. After last time, I cheated on Rasamas by buying PizzaHut's garlic bread, i thought not to be a hypocrite and honest with myself (a made up excuse). So, we went to PizzaHut this time. We ordered a set for 2, seafood lasagne and strawberry smoothies. Total only cost below RM50. Actually, this is the very first time that I ate at PizzaHut that cost below RM50. I'm impressed! 0_o

You know PizzaHut...They serve your food one by one. First the mushroom soup and garlic bread, then the flows, lasagne..and the main dish will be last; PIZZA!! It's hard you know to resist the temptation of having a sip of mushroom soup in order to have a nice-untouched-food picture. But i manage to do it.haha..

While waiting for our hero which is pizza, i was fascinated myself with their garlic bread. look soft with big sign of EAT-ME right? yeah i know..the smell..(take a deep breath)

This is what happen when you watching too much Cooking tv show like MasterChef. Looks exclusive isn't it? i really don't understand how rich people prefer to eat a slice of this with a price that can give you 10 slices of the same quality. No offence, I just don't know why. Please do tell me though...

This is my friend. She always looks like that when taking pictures with food. I think she really admire food or really REALLY hungry. She denies it but im her friend. Friends know you better than you do,right?haha.. and she's the one that watch too much MasterChef, I'm just playing their game. 

The full course..We were having masala chicken and mushroom something..i don't remember..huhu. yum yum~

ah..the topping really make me drooling..After waiting for about less than 30 minutes, we get our full course. Then, we ate.. the quality, i mean the deliciousness is unquestionable. It never goes down my expectation. From the garlic bread until the pizzas. All are delicious and finger licking.. I actually ate the pizza by tossing it in mushroom soup. so that the delicious would be doubled. hehe.. If there anything to complain, i think it would not be the food but else. Just a teenie meeniee slightly uncomfortness. they give the receipt just before we eating which is PizzaHut way but what make it difficult is because you put it on the table with full of food that can make the receipt dirty or even wet. I notice at other PizzaHut branch, they have a small place under the table to put the receipt so that it would not bother the customer. That would be great you know..But like I said, it's not that important. The food still feel the same. And with the same, i mean DELICIOUS!

After a half an hour later..the food successfully transferred into our stomach. Which will make our other part bigger with fat. So, the next day, time to cover back the fat gain..which is much much easier to gain than lose it.huhu

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Eat2Review: Rasamas Jusco Tmn U, Skudai

Hi all. Sorry for not updating. I was actually didn't know what to post recently and started to think i should post something useful for all my readers out there. So, when i was having lunch, i just thought about this idea and why not right? Might be useful to anyone who would visit or moving in here. Pardon all the grammatical error and whatsoever that might be annoyed you cause i'm not really good in this actually. haha..What you saw in above picture is a picture that i took when i was having lunch at Rasamas Jusco Tmn U,Skudai Johor. This restaurant actually between KFC and Food court while Pizza Hut just a few steps away. Me and my friend were having the Promotion Set that only cause about RM 5 per meal without any add-on like mushroom soup or ginger bread. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the meal because I was just messing around at this time and never thought of posting about it. Not until I get my lunch meal, at least. The chicken was really in small portion. I get it why it's so cheap at that time. If i'm not mistaken, I chose Chicken Rice with Black pepper chicken + flow. However, the quality, the deliciousness is still the same. It's delicious but only in small portion way. Suitable for diet (if you only eat the chicken). My chicken finished first before my rice did. Luckily they serve it with blank soup. After finishing our meal, we started to eat the garlic bread and mushroom soup. BUT, the mushroom soup arrive first before the garlic bread and i thought they forgot about the order. Eventually, the garlic bread does take times before serve. And here's our long awaiting garlic bread--->>

Did you notice that? Its hot,of course. Make us wonders did they steam it?shouldn't they baked it instead? Oh i dont know. The limbness is actually surprising. Never thought garlic bread could be like THAT. 3 slices of garlic bread cost around RM2, i think. It's hot and limb. Hard to hold it and have to cool it down first. Rasamas really full of surprising.

Nothing taste better than garlic bread soaked into mushroom soup~ My classic favourite! The garlic bread taste is not really into. Maybe the way they cooked it. But the taste is not that good. It feels like this 2 combination doesn't fit in well. Then, I can't hold myself and bought the Pizza Hut's garlic bread instead. Toss it into the mushroom soup, walah! delicious again! I don't know about other Rasamas, but this one just so-so. One of the restaurant that i will not become a regular customer. But, suit yourself!try it..maybe your taste bud is better than mine.hehe