Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Eat2Review: Rasamas Jusco Tmn U, Skudai

Hi all. Sorry for not updating. I was actually didn't know what to post recently and started to think i should post something useful for all my readers out there. So, when i was having lunch, i just thought about this idea and why not right? Might be useful to anyone who would visit or moving in here. Pardon all the grammatical error and whatsoever that might be annoyed you cause i'm not really good in this actually. haha..What you saw in above picture is a picture that i took when i was having lunch at Rasamas Jusco Tmn U,Skudai Johor. This restaurant actually between KFC and Food court while Pizza Hut just a few steps away. Me and my friend were having the Promotion Set that only cause about RM 5 per meal without any add-on like mushroom soup or ginger bread. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the meal because I was just messing around at this time and never thought of posting about it. Not until I get my lunch meal, at least. The chicken was really in small portion. I get it why it's so cheap at that time. If i'm not mistaken, I chose Chicken Rice with Black pepper chicken + flow. However, the quality, the deliciousness is still the same. It's delicious but only in small portion way. Suitable for diet (if you only eat the chicken). My chicken finished first before my rice did. Luckily they serve it with blank soup. After finishing our meal, we started to eat the garlic bread and mushroom soup. BUT, the mushroom soup arrive first before the garlic bread and i thought they forgot about the order. Eventually, the garlic bread does take times before serve. And here's our long awaiting garlic bread--->>

Did you notice that? Its hot,of course. Make us wonders did they steam it?shouldn't they baked it instead? Oh i dont know. The limbness is actually surprising. Never thought garlic bread could be like THAT. 3 slices of garlic bread cost around RM2, i think. It's hot and limb. Hard to hold it and have to cool it down first. Rasamas really full of surprising.

Nothing taste better than garlic bread soaked into mushroom soup~ My classic favourite! The garlic bread taste is not really into. Maybe the way they cooked it. But the taste is not that good. It feels like this 2 combination doesn't fit in well. Then, I can't hold myself and bought the Pizza Hut's garlic bread instead. Toss it into the mushroom soup, walah! delicious again! I don't know about other Rasamas, but this one just so-so. One of the restaurant that i will not become a regular customer. But, suit yourself!try it..maybe your taste bud is better than mine.hehe

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