Friday, 19 October 2012


i'm home..
sorry for the long vacation..
couldn't find a word to share..
i'm still studying..lab work actually..
and now probably going to stop for a month..
gotta have to work to pay for my study fees..
work hard...
love life?
its fairytale few weeks ago n suddenly whoosh!
don't know what went wrong
maybe it's me
i hate myself for not strong enough to stand up for myself in front of him
because i love him so much
too much actually
couldn't stand the way he looks when i try to tell him what i really feel
and at last, i'm the one who apologizing
What else to update?
none, i guess..
i'm stil the old me
the only thing that changing is what's around me
new people, new problem and same people but 180 degree changed..
let's just walk our path and smile all the way...
It's not life if its not a mess..

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