Tuesday, 23 October 2012

eat2Review: Samurai Burger (McDonald)

it's as delicious as it look like..
already try this for many times
but i'll tell you all my first time eating this
the full set including sakura frizz(flow) and Katsu Curry(french fries)
total price per person is around RM12

let's talk about the flow first, Sakura Frizz
it's delicious and not too cabornate
the taste is like ribena+sprite
but not as sour as ribena
more sprite, less ribena
get the taste?
French Fries
you only get Katsu Curry if you buy large
like always, shake the Katsu Curry with the french fries
the taste.......
not that its not delicious but the curry is more to sweet curry
when its cold or you leave it for a while,
the fries will become sweet and not so much curry
i don't like that taste

now for the spotlight, SAMURAI BURGER
the meat is really, REALLY delicious!
its not like typical meat burger
the meat looks like it was minced until it really tiny 
and then compressed together
in another word, the meat is really compact
do you ever experience when you eat beef burger,
you can smell the meat?
the unpleasant kind of smell?
i did, and this burger don't have that smell
the teriyaki sauce is what makes it the spotlight for today
its not too spicy, not too sweet
more like satay sauces but different and more delicious
the meat's size!
its BIGGER than the bread
if there is one thing that not cool about this burger 
is only the way they pack it
from the above pic, you realize how the sauce is all over the cover?
it's messy and we had to open carefully
but for me, that is not a big problem at all
when the burger is inside my mouth, 
I already forgot that part

yeah, that's not me
it's my bestfriend
and officially become my blog's model for eat2Review
the unfortunate event happens after our delicious meal
i got stomachache after a while eating the fries and drink the flow
maybe i can not stand the mix
after that, everytime i went to McD and order this,
i will change the flow and no more Katsu Curry
you all should try this
if you already did, share with me!
take care,bye~

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