Monday, 11 April 2011

Must-Have Novels 2011

hye cute girls and handsome boys..
This time i'll share about what are must-have novels you should have if you already read all your favorite author's books. But of course this is based on my liking so don't get emotional if your favourite one don't listed here..ahaha. And by the way, i love not typical love story, epic love story. That's why i ADORE Jude Deveraux.Her books are divine, none have expect story endsand you just feel like you want to just read the end page cause you hate how slow you read the book like me.-_-"

Actually, this is what must-have novels that I should have because my old beloved library here don't have much choice so have to buy or else i'll be as old as itself.huhu

credit to:fantasticfiction
This is a novel by Jude Deveraux (ahhhh!!getting excited suddenly), released during last month of 2010. This story is one of her 'road trip' novels because Cay (the heroine) and Alex (the handsome and cool hero) experienced a journey in order to seek justice for Alex because he was accused of killing his own wife. At first, Cay is practically kidnap but then she's the one who help him to prove his innocent. Both of them are totally different in the way they speak and clothes but love at first sight change everything.Well, i dont know much about this novels cause if i do it wont be 'Must-Have novels' wouldn't it?so buy this book now and lend me after you finish read it!haha
I love cecelia ahern's books. Its different and the story starts when the character's life end make you think and aware that every end of your life is a new beginning to something else. This story starts when Tamara and her mother loss their wealthiness and have high debt because her father died causing them to sell everything in order to settle the debt. When her mother cant handle the pressure and become emotionally unstable and her aunt who she living with after the incident bothers her so much, she knows that she need something to keep her to hold on. When a travelling library passes, she found a book that bring her life a new adventure. Oh gosh, just reading the reviews already make me dying to read this book. Definitely must have!

So guys, i don't like have an entry that so long until you have to scroll down with sigh (because i hate that too). There's a lot more that i want to share with you guys but we continue later AFTER this MUST have books become your ALREADY have books,ok?haha..see ya!

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